Fees Schedule

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Vaccination Protocol

Puppies & Kittens: 1st Vaccination after 6 – 8 weeks of age.

Booster Vaccines every 3-4 weeks for another 2 times after the 1st shot. Then once a year.

For Rabies Vaccination: must be 12 weeks of age or older. Booster every year.

Rabies (1yr) (DOG&CAT$12.00
Rabies (3yr) (DOG&CAT)$28.00
DA2PP/DA2PPL(DOG) (Distemper,Hepatitis,Parvo,Para Influenza and Lepto 4 strains)$18.00
Canine Influenza vaccine (Flu vaccine) 1st time vaccination needs a booster vaccination between 2-4 weeks of the first vaccination date and then once every year)$25.00
Lepto4way vaccine $15.00
Bordetella (DOG) $15.00
FVRCP (CAT) $18.00
FVRCP+Leukemia (CAT) $25.00
Feline Leukemia (CAT)$20.00
Deworming(general) $10.00
Fecal test $20.00
Parvo test$45.00
Skin Scrapings $20.00
Microchip $35.00
Heartworm Test $25.00
FIV/FeLV (combo test for leukemia and AIDS in cats)$35.00
Rattle snake vaccine (First month two vaccines to be taken one month apart and then once a year)$34.50
Lyme vaccine$27.00

DOG VACCINATIONS (Includes office visit)
Puppy Pack DA2PP + Deworming$39.00
Puppy Boosters DA2PP + Deworming$39.00
Package 1 DA2PP + Rabies$39.00
Package 2 DA2PP + Rabies+ Bordetella + Deworming$59.00
Package 3 DA2PP + Rabies+HW test + Bordetella + Deworming$79.00
Package 4 DA2PP + Rabies+HW test + Bordetella + Deworming+Fecal test$99.00
* Lepto(4 way) additional charge$15.00

CAT VACCINATIONS (Includes office visit)
Kitten packFVRCP+Deworming$40.00
Cat pack1FVRCP+Rabies$42.00
Cat pack2FVRCP+Leukemia+Rabies$52.00
Cat pack3FVRCP+Leukemia+Rabies+Fecal Exam (Annual)$69.00

NEUTER and SPAY PRICES (Includes office visit)
Dogless than 40lbs$72.00$92.00
Dog40.1 - 60 lbs$92.00$112.00
Dog60.1 - 75 lbs$112.00$132.00

*Prices exclude pain medication, if in heat/pregnancy: +$50 – $75, Bio hazard fees: $3

Dental (Teeth Cleaning) : $200.00

For other surgeries please enquire with the staff.